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Fiche : Using my Alcatel smartphone

The make of my smartphone is Alcatel
The model is 1S 2020.

The screen and keys of my smartphone:

My smartphone needs to be charged 20% to turn on

Before I turn on my smartphone, I have to :

  • Put my SIM card into my smartphone
  • Activate my SIM card

If I do not know how to do this, I use the form Activating my SIM card

To turn on my smartphone :

  1. I press the button On/Off for a long time
    I look at the photo on the first page
  2. I put in the PIN code : this is the code with four digits
    The code is always 0000 but I can change this later
  3. I click on French
    A list will appear and I can choose another language
    I click on the language that I would like
    I click on start
    In my smartphone everything will now be in the language that I have chosen
  4. I can skip a step by clicking on :
  • Suivant
  • Ignorer
  • Accepter

If I need help using my smartphone
I can ask the Red Cross
Someone from the Red Cross will help me

I can also look at the guide for Bouygues Telecom on the internet
I click on the link written in blue : guide complet
Or I can put in the address www.assistance.bouyguestelecom.fr

When I am on the Bouygues Telecom website

I click on Mon mobile

I click on Mode d’emploi

I click on Alcatel

I click on Alcatel 1OS 2020

I can see all the information to learn how to use my smartphone

Download PDF version

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