Fiche : Setting up an email address

What is an email ?
An email is an electronic letter
I send emails on the internet
I receive emails on the internet
I can write text, add photos and documents
I can add links to go onto websites and see videos …

What is an email address ?
It is an electronic address on the internet
I need an email address to

  • Send an email
  • Receive an email

I need an email address to create an account on websites
For instance, to go to the Bouygues Telecom website

What is a mail box ?
It is an electronic mailbox
All my emails are in my mailbox
The emails that I send and the emails that I receive

How does it work ?
An email address has three parts :

  1. My name and surname
  2. The symbol @ which is called ‘at’
  3. The name of my mailbox

I can choose how to write my email address.
For example :

How do I set up an email address ?
To set up a free email address
I go onto the internet
I choose my messaging service : Gmail, Yahoo, Laposte…

If I choose Gmail :

  • I go to Google
  • I write gmail.com into the search bar
  • I click on www.gmail.com

The Gmail opens :

  • I click on Créer un compte
  •  I write my name and surname
  • The username that I have chosen
  • The password that I have chosen
  • I have to write the password twice
  • I keep my password
  • I do not let anyone see it
  •  I click on Suivant

The Welcome to Google page opens :
I do not have to fill in the first two boxes

  • I write my date of birth
  •  In the Gender box
    I choose man or woman or other
  • I click on Suivant

The page Choisissez vos paramètres de personnalisation opens :

  • I click on personnalisation express
  • I click on Suivant

The page Confirmer les paramètres de personnalisation opens :

  • I go to the bottom of the page
  • I click on Confirmer

The page Règles de confidentialité et conditions d’utilisation opens :

  • I go to the bottom of the page
  •  I click on J’accepte

That’s it !

I have just created my Gmail mailbox

  • I now have an email address
  • I can send emails
  • I can receive emails

I can connect to a computer or use
my telephone to go to my mailbox

  • I go to www.gmail.com
  • I log in with my email address and password

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