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Fiche : Activating my SIM card to use my smartphone

The SIM card is a smart card
All the information about my phone plan is on my SIM card
I have to put my SIM card in my telephone to activate my SIM card

I check the size of my SIM card

There are three sizes of SIM cards:

• The largest standard SIM
• The medium Micro SIM
• The small Nano SIM

Bouygues Telecom always gives you the biggest SIM card
But I can adjust my SIM card by removing the outer frame

To adjust my SIM card to my telephone I open my telephone

I check the size of the SIM card:

If my SIM card is the standard size
I only remove the big outer frame
There should still be two plastic frames

If my SIM card is the Micro SIM size
I remove the two outer frames
There should still be one plastic frame

If my SIM card is the Nano SIM size
I remove all three frames

Warning: I must never throw my SIM card away
My SIM card contains important information

Activating my telephone plan
Pour activer mon forfait j’ai besoin de :

To activate my plan I need:

  • My postal address, i.e. where I live
  • My email address, which is my Internet address If I do not have one, I use the form ‘Setting up an email’
  • My RIB (bank identity statement) If I do not have one, I use the form ‘Opening a bank account’
  • My SIM card number. This is the number above the bar code on the back of my SIM card

I put my SIM card into my telephone

My telephone will ask me for the PIN code
In new telephones, this is always 0000

I can change the PIN code of my telephone
I go into the ‘Settings’ menu on my telephone

If I tap in the wrong PIN code three times
My SIM card will be blocked

To unblock my SIM card
I need to tap in the PUK code
The PUK code is on the back of my SIM card

The PUK code is always the same
I can not change it
I need to make sure that I always keep the PUK code safe

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