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Fiche : What are the General Data Protection Regulations ? GDPR

GDPR is a legal framework to protect my personal data such as :

  • My name
  • My address
  • My age

For example, if I sign up to :

• A social network like Facebook
• An online shopping site

I have to write down my personal information (data)
My personal data will be saved

GDPR prevents my data from being shared without my consent
Thanks to this law my privacy is respected

For example, if I go onto the bouyguestelecom.fr website
A message will be displayed
The message explains how Bouygues Telecom will use my personal data.

To protect my personal data I can :

  • Tout accepter (Accept)
  • Tout refuser (Refuse)
  • Gérer mes choix (Modify and delete my personal data)
  • Ask why and by whom my data will be used.

What are the risks on the internet ?
My personal data will be used for advertisementsAlerte Arnaque
Brands will send me advertisements without my consent

On the internet I need to be careful with certain websites
I should not put in personal data such as :

  • Bank information
  • Passwords

Sometimes there are scams
To recognise a scam website, I need to check :
• If there are any spelling mistakes ; if there are a lot of them, it is not a secure site
Legal information about the site ; this is mandatory
• Prices and conditions, these are mandatory for online sales

To be sure that it is a secure website :
I need to check that there is a small padlock in the address of the website

I check that the website address begins with

What are cookies on the internet ?
When I go onto an internet website
and when I put in my personal data
My smartphone or computer
retains my personal data in a file
This file is called cookies

The cookies keep details of my identity such as my name and email address
even when I am no longer on the website

What is the cookies bar ?
This is the message that is displayed when I go onto the internet

I can click on the message to :

• Accept cookies (tout accepter)

• Refuse cookies (tout refuser)

• Choose how cookies are used (gérer mes choix)

Download PDF version

  • 28/07/2022

    Fiche : What are the General Data Protection Regulations ? GDPR

    PDF - 2MB

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